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Action Express

Action Express is the trading name of County Couriers Ltd!

We started in business in 1982 with a bike, a van and a small office in Kettering Road, Northampton.

Now, several years on, with a wealth of knowledge, gained mainly through experience, we operate from a 3 acre site with a large high racked warehouse, comfortable offices and enough parking for our expanding fleet of vehicles.

We have a team of dedicated staff who know the business and understand the importance of the Customer and a professional service.

Our Company mission statement is 'Exceed Our Customers Expectations' - something all of the staff strive for every day!

The Managing Director, Syed Ziaullah, believes that: -

In today's demanding business world, the need to build solid working relationships with trusted and reliable suppliers is a prime objective.

Popular business theory dictates that to meet the needs of your customers, you must understand them - this is true, but it is also vitally important to know your own business.

It may sound strange, but consider the number of managers and directors who believe they have a working appreciation of their business - when in reality, they only have a view of what they think it is and not a real understanding. This perception affects their vision of what the Customer demands - one that can often be far from the truth.

Here at Action Express, we really do understand the expectations of our customers - one gained from practical, first-hand experience. We have driven the roads of Europe and worked in warehouses across the country - we know life at the 'sharp end'.

That's why, when we say we provide 'a complete delivery solution' - we mean it! We do not make promises that cannot be fulfilled but base our assurances on reality and experience - not illusions or best-case scenarios.